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African music is varied and multiple. This polyrhythmic music, although generally drum-centered, sometimes involves strings and horns. The most popular modern African music is Mbalax (Senegal and Gambia), Highlife (Ghana), Zouglou and Coupé Décalé (Côte d’Ivoire), Makossa (Cameroon), N’Domolo and Rhumba (Congo), Kizomba (Angola) and Mbaqanga (South Africa).

We dream of a world where the African artist is supported and empowered to pursue the creation of sublime music that will be shared with the world.

We aim to guarantee the means, spaces and resources necessary for the development of the popular African musicians of tomorrow and their original expression.


1) Repositioning / Rebranding: Develop a new differentiated identity for the artist’s brand.
2) Increase the Artist’s Visibility Internationally: Participate in high level international events like festivals and ceremonies.
3) Major International Concerts: Organize concerts in the best venues in the world.

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